(Where)  Who in the world is Greg?

Travel runs in my blood. My elders criss-crossed America on trains.  Navy Seabees and merchant seamen in my family sailed the world’s great oceans.  When I got my first passport, my hands shook.

I soon learned, though, that to many of my peers growing up, seeing the world was something Black people didn’t do, a distant dream beyond their reach.

In 2009, I created a blog designed to encourage Black Americans to go beyond the bounds of their block and their country. It was called “I’m Black and I Travel!.” It soon won national honors and an international readership.

Eventually, however, I realized that encouraging people to travel was not enough. I had to enable people to travel.

That realization led me  to become a travel agent, and create Trips by Greg.




Your link to luxury

Trips by Greg is an independent contractor, but that doesn’t mean I work alone. My agency is affiliated with Pat Walker Travelof Beverly Hills, a member of the Worldview Travel team. That makes Trips by Gregyour gateway to the world of luxury travel.Villas, all-inclusive resorts, luxury cruisesto every corner of the world — we’ve got it all.

Trips by Greg also is going to be the Web site where you can connect with tour operators and other travel professionals of color worldwide. When you’re looking for group trips and tours with Black history, heritage and culture in mind, this is where you’ll find them.

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